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Prices and Sales Contracts

Prices are for the sheep only and do not include any expenses in the preparation for transport (blood tests, semen tests, health certificates, vaccinations, etc.) or costs incurred in delivery or assistance with delivery (travel to meet haulers or deliver sheep to shows or sales). Animals offered for sale will be sold with a contract of quality and soundness. Rams one year and older will be sold as sound breeders, with a refund made available when all requirements of the contract have been met by the buyer. Ewes of breeding age, and exposed to a ram prior to sale, will be sold as exposed only, not guaranteed to be bred. All lambs, animals under one year of age at the time of sale, will be sold without any guarantee of ability to breed or be bred. Animals sold at purebred sales will be covered by the guidelines of the sale management and will be followed as described in their sale materials. Breeding stock purchased from Southern Oregon Romneys and sold to another breeder will not be covered by any of the original contract offered during the original sale.

Prices quoted for individual animals, or as posted on this website are effective for

60 days. Adjustments based on the current market will be made at the end of the 60 day time period.

Any guarantee of breeding potential or exposure to a ram will be waived if the animal is shown at any festival, exhibition, county or state fair after delivery to the buyer.

Please contact us with your questions. We are willing to assist in finding animals, whether from our farm or others, based on information you provide.