We breed registered Romney sheep that have proven to be successful on the pastures in the foothills of southwestern Oregon, on small acreage with confinement and supplemental feeding, in the show ring, at sales across the United States, as producers of strong fleeces and meat with a very mild flavor.

   Our flock includes Romneys with white genetics, Romneys with natural colored genetics and lambs that carry colored genetics but display only white.

   We have breeding stock, fleeces, sheepskins, roving and locker lamb available throughout the year, and will maintain a listing of what is ready or will be ready in the near future.

   Customer service and satisfaction is very important to us. We work with you to provide animals that meet your needs, offer to provide or assist with delivery and coordinate farm visits to help with your decision making. You can also see our animals exhibited by other breeders at National Romney Shows and Sales across the country.

    Our breeding stock originated from the flock of Hollis Mast, who purchased his first Romney sheep in 1943, with animals from Lynn Barnes, Eldon Riddell and the Ahrens Brothers. Those animals have continued to supply the backbone of the white breeding flock at Southern Oregon Romneys. Natural Colored animals were added in 2001 with the birth of our first natural colored ewe lamb from the white flock.

Currently Available: (All Registered with ARBA)

          Brood ewes (natural colored) 2-4 years old

                    $250.00 - $400.00 plus vet, transport, transfer

          Yearling Rams (white) sired by a Kamenicky

                    $600.00 plus vet, transport, transfer

          Yearling Ewes (white) Sold Out

          Ram and Ewe Lambs (February 2019)

                   White (SOR 1313 and SOR 1130 sired)

                   $400.00 plus vet, transport, transfer

          Roving - white and natural colored

          Pelts - Sold Out

          Fleeces - Available in May/June from producing ewes and 2019


Pricing (Amount is for sheep only. If listed as registered, price includes registration and transfer of certificates. Sheep listed by the pound can be sold with registration certificates for an additional $50 per animal.)

Added costs for delivery, vet checks, health certificates and pedigrees will be negotiated on an individual basis. Pricing for group lots of 3 or more animals will be given consideration.

Sheep will be vaccinated, dewormed and on a supplemental feeding program. All rams will be codon 171 tested, and only QR or RR rams will be offered for sale. We will assist with coordinating transportation and make certain connections to your hauler are confirmed. Space to spring/summer shows is limited, so early sales will have a better chance of making it to events in your area.

Please check with us early for sale inventory and transportation. The majority of our lambs arrive in February. Current plans for 2019 will focus on west coast events and transport to the midwest in late June. Contact us early to get on the list for animals being transported.